Little Ninos Pizzeria



We once again visited Italy this school year. The places you can see within Fiar curriculum is amazing. The story took place in a little pizzeria, so of coarse we made pizza. I took a step further and made different Italian dishes through the week.


We found Italy on our map and went over a few key cities. Naples was the original pizza city. We discussed father & son relationships, what it takes to run a family business, having a servant heart ❤ & the homeless. We made a classic spaghetti & meatballs for supper.


We did the lesson from the manual on Food Groups. Had the oldest write a list groups. Milks, Meats, Breads, veggies/fruit all things you can put on a pizza. The youngest had to separate play foods in groups. We made pizza. They loved it.

Thursday & Friday

20170323_002734_Film1On our trip to the grocery store we visited the deli and discussed the benefit of fresh cheese and meats compared to package. They even got a little taste testing of different cheeses.

20170323_204527_Film1For lunch we made pizza again & some Italian cream soda. Read are go along books. How to on Italian cream sodas


During the making we applied math with the measuring & ratios of cooking. Of coarse we played around with fractions after it was baked😊


For our last night we made lasagna. It wasn’t a big hit like the pizza but they still enjoyed making it.

Hope you enjoy…

The Tale of Peter Rabbit


Spring is Here.

Well in Texas we have Spring every week, hehe.

This week we are rowing the all time classic The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Its an excellent chose to start or continue your Spring rowing.


We went to our local library to pick up our story and go along books. Normally I would have these ready to go day before but since this is our second year rowing it we made it a library trip. Kids walked the library garden before we left.


Our local library has been getting really good New books.

The littles planted a few veggies & potted some flowers. We did a review on earth worms. The kids wanted to save them for fishing, lol. We talked about how much hard work & time is put into a garden and that could explain why Mr. McGregor gets upset when Peter trys eating his veggies.

Read our story for bedtime. Memphis mention the homophone word in the title “Tale”. We learned about them last week in Truman’s Aunt Farm.

Tuesday & Wed

We worked on Adjectives. Had the oldest (2nd grade) go through the given pages find & copy work them on notebook paper. June(kinder) raised her hand when she heard simple adjectives during the story. We had lunch date with dad Wednesday. 45 min drive😬 with 4 little ones can get hected but I find schooling actually makes time fly. Continued our adjectives study via YouTube songs and story reading by Beatrice Potter. I had the kids tell me 3 adjectives per given noun. I stayed simple bear, rabbit, truck, sky, ect. Made it a bit more for Memphis by having him apply 3 adjectives into sentences. After the reading we discussed encouragement as suggested in manual. Also reviewed our moral vocabulary.


Reading day. Memphis and I read the story together taking turns per page. We read all our go along books. Practice phonics with learn to read(link down below).


Math. Had the kids(June/Rawlins) count from the story all the bunnies, veggies, animals… Memphis had to make numeric sentences from their findings.


Yes we did some Fun Science & Art on the weekend. Little painted carrot feet. Learned how plants eat by using food coloring to dye some flowers. These take a few days so I will post after picture.

Truman’s Aunt Farm

February 28 2016
This week we are rowing Truman’s Aunt Farm part of the Five in a row curriculum simply know as FAIR.
This is such a cute story. Great way to bring in Spring.

We picked up our book late in the afternoon so we just did a read out loud. Touched on Relationships of What is an aunt? As the manual suggested.

I planned a park picnic for lunch with a little exploring.
After our morning math & phonics. As I got ready to make the sandwiches I realized I had nothing for sandwiches. Mom Fail!!!

So we packed our basket with some watermelon, chips, cookies & books. Picked up some subway.

After eating the littles explored the park for ant formations, catching a few for a closer observation…

They like watching Ultimate Beast Master but they love playing and running their own obstacles coarse. They definitely did not waste a park day.
We cooled down with the reading of our story on the grass as they played with some insects.

When we got home the littles picked ants for their ant farms. Simple water bottle filled with sand, covered with tissue paper poked a few holes to insure air was reaching the ants.

* Magic School Bus – Gets ants in pants.
* Discovery Life Series – Insects

Not every day is school day but a family one

Fishing & Schooling

Its a Thursday morning, while all other children are loaded onto the bus our crew is shoving fishing gear in the suburban along with the stroller, diaper bag, snacks, folding chairs, ect. Everthing you THINK you need on a family outing. Always packing for days (as my husband says) hehe.

Its definitely my #1 benefit for homeschooling. Being able to take family time any day of the week without being on a time schedule.

Rainbow trout! That’s what this whole day is about, been waiting all week, who am I kidding more like all Year! Its our 4th year heading out to  Garner State Park for the annual stocking of trout. The last couple of years we have not caught anything, yup nothing. This year was different we were prepared. New line on all the rods & reels, that $6 per bottle(tiny bottle that is) pink pellets that swear it Works, and the SECRET weapon a can of corn, that everyone was using catching trout left & right of me & I couldn’t even get a bite.

The whole fam-bam is pretty excited on arrival we saw just a few couples here & there some already getting there limit others just starting. Waters clear you can see the fish swimming in groups of 20 to 30. Had to take advantage of the moment my oldest was shouting that “a colony of trout was under the paddle boats”. Explained that when it came to fish it was “a school” of fish not colony. Which led to discussion on the difference.

10 mins in June pulls out this guy… Purch.

20170209_142810_film1Love to tell you that within the hour we neared our limit. But Nope not one bite after that, two plus hours and nada. Once again everyone standing on either side of me is pulling them in cast after cast. I just can’t seem to grasp what is happening, (not like I wasn’t preoccupied with a one year old trying to escape his stroller, an adventurous two year old and the daughter who wants to be every where Dad goes), they have the same can corn, that for whatever reason the fish seem to like thiers better. The husband has had it off he went to restock on new bait. 3hrs in the first trout is hooked, YAY. Finally. Just as everyone is clearing out a bit of peace is settling in when another family makes there way on the bank. A red cup in hand, a small white puff is pulled and baited, cast, not even 30 seconds later reel in their 1st trout. Wait, What! After every member is 3 fish up I realize the white puff is MARSHMALLOWS. So did everyone get a memo that the trout were being feed marshmallows before stocked. I so did not get that…

We ended up catching 4 and a fisherman who was not going to take his 5 catches offered us his, made a nice size supper(panned fried recipe below). I’m no expert but I catch my fair share of catfish & bass to give a bit of tips every now and then… Tip 1(only tip) – Have fun its fishing getting all worked up over the little things distracts us from the really important ones.

This one on one time with DAD whether a monster cat or a twig was on the hook is what they will remember.


The side of my toddler that makes him, him. Shoeless & shirtless most of the time, hehe. Would have been missed had I not set my pole down to just catch some sun.20170209_153801_film1

At the end of the day the kids could careless of how many fish were caught. They just enjoyed doing it with their Family. We’ll be back next year.

” Life is nothing without a home,
Home is empty without a family to fill it…” – Fish Story(Netflix)

* Trout Facts: Like the color yellow, corn & marshmallows are both great choices to artificial bait. Definitely much cheaper for the quantity.

*Schooling discussions reinforced(were often fishing) – Rivers, fish type, habitat, do’s & don’t, survival skills.

* How to unhook a fish

* Pan fried trout is easy get them cleaned out. No heads, please. Season with salt, pepper, and garlic. In a pan have saute onion in some oil(2bs) & butter(tbs). Remove onions. Cook fish about 4mins each side med/high heat. Serve with lemon, coleslaw and rice.